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Sustainable jobs through open source

As opportunities emerge, we recruit qualified graduates with high aptitude for programming languages used in the targeted business applications. We currently do not have any vacancies

Update - Strategy and Product Development Job Advert


The position was not filled since we were not successful with the contracts that we anticipated to sign. However, the names of those who applied have been noted and may be considered when another opportunity arise. We thank all those who applied for the position and wish them a bright future.

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Update - Software Developer Advert

For the advertisement we sent out for Software Developers,two hundred and thirty eight (238)candidates responded.


They were called for a written interview which was held at Gaborone Institute of Professional Studies (GIPS) on Saturday 04 February 2017. Thirty one (31) were shortlisted. Some were called for a second assessment and are now working with us. The rest were advised to continue familiarizing themselves with Open Source products so that when they are called for the next assessment, they would be found ready to start work.

We would like to thank all those who showed interest in working with us and we wish them well in all their endeavours.

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